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  • Harley Chandler has invited anyone interested to come to his shop on JULY 11th to see the carriage he and his brothers have built for the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation. The carriage is finished and will soon be transported to Colonial Williamsburg. They have worked on this carriage a number of years. He said this will be a good time to have fun, see the finished carriage and talk with friends. If you go please bring food to share. Harley is cooking brastwurst, hamburgers and hot dogs. If you have never been to his shop, we would encourage you to attend. It is like walking back 100 years, and you will see tools and craftsmanship to be cherished by all. Harley and his brothers always go to a lot of work preparing for such events, and it shows. Mark your calendars for July 11th. We know many of you have your satellite group meetings on the second Saturday, but we would encourage you to go see Harley and the new carriage.
    1. Harley Chandler's address is 4766 Woolper Road, Petersburg, KT 41080-9773
    2. or on some map servers, 4766 Woolper Road, Burlington, KT 41005

  • Our best wishes and prayers go out to our good friend, Roger Lorance, who is recovering well from a heart attack suffered while on a recent fishing trip.

  • NEXT MEETING: We have the Upper Midwest Regional Blacksmith Conference (UMRBC or Pontiac ) coming next month. Bill Conyers is the IBA co- ordinator. If you want to help out or have any questions contact Bill at (574) 277-8729 or email:

  • 9:30 AM is the regular meeting time for IBA Hammer-Ins with beginner training available at 9:00 AM unless otherwise noted. PLEASE MAKE SURE TO ASK FOR HELP!

  • Current Newsletter

  • On June 22, the History Channel started presenting a brand new competition series called Forged in Fire. This new show brings together some of the most talented bladesmiths in the world in a contest setting. Within the series, viewers get a chance to watch as these master bladesmiths recreate some of the most iconic weapons from history, this includes medieval broadswords, Japanese katanas and even ancient throwing blades.


  • The IBA has organized a new satellite group that meets at the Pioneer Village Blacksmith Shop at the Indiana State Fair Grounds in Indianapolis. Meetings are held on the fourth Saturday of the month. For more information please contact Bill Newman (by phone at 317-690-2455 or by email at

  • The IBA has created a Facebook group designed to encourage INFORMAL COMMUNICATION among our members and among all people interested in blacksmithing.The Facebook group name is "Indiana Blacksmithing Association (IBA)". Please feel free to "Join" the group on Facebook. It is a public group so anyone can join and post to it. In your posts, please be respectful of others. Please feel free to post photographs or create photo albums that relate to the mission of the IBA. FORMAL COMMUNICATION about the activities of the IBA and our newsletters can still be found at this web site.

  • Here is a little retrospective of our 2013 conference.

  • For the Curious Blacksmith:

  • A recent newspaper article about Tom Latane', one of our featured demonstrators in the 2014 IBA Annual Conference. Pepin, Wis., blacksmith achieves excellence in ironclad art. Our second featured demonstrator was Alan Kress.

  • South Bend Tribune article about IBA 2013 Rookie Blacksmith of the Year Jamie DePriest

  • At the 2013 IBA Conference in Tipton, IN, the Brotherhood of Friendly Hammermen forged a large split cross. View the video made by David Hammer.

  • Jim Claar's new power hammer.

  • Interesting video about Japanese smithing: Eric Chevallier: The Blacksmith`s Apprentice by Adam Marelli.

  • Interesting video about modern chain making: How it`s Made: Chains.

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